Welcome to The White Armory!

Greetings m’lords and m’ladies!

Welcome to the official White Armory blog. We invite you to browse, share and link to our page.

A brief history:  The White Armory has been in business for 4 years and exists solely in the Virtual World of Second Life ®. This creative canvas has allowed both myself (Bee Dumpling-Avatar name) and my husband (Colton Drechsler-Avatar name) to build and create one of the foremost medieval based retail stores in Second Life ®. With a group following of over 7,500 members and growing!  We could not have done it without the love and support of our loyal customers who purchase from our massive inventory of couture medieval style gowns and our incredibly detailed swords that are works of art and combat ready using a multi-combat system HUD that allows the user to role-play grid wide without changing weaponry.

Colton and Bee are joined by their store officer-Ida Donardson (Avatar name). Greeting our customers with a smile, a kind word, a group invite or a point in the right direction for a particular gown or weapon in our giant three story in world retail store.

Our Goal:

In 2012, we will embark on our dream to bring The White Armory to the real world. To make our couture gowns and medieval weaponry designs available for purchase via our exclusive website and boutique. We will post our progress here on this blog and again, invite you all to join us on this journey, and even more exciting, this adventure!

Safe paths!

Joe and Deborah Warren

(Colton Drechsler and Bee Dumpling)


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